How Much CBD Should I Take?


So you’ve heard all of the benefits of taking CBD oil and you want to get started but you are feeling confused on where to begin!

To be honest, finding the right dose for you can take a little tinkering because it depends on your size, ailment, and body chemistry. It’s important that you go into it knowing this and you’re willing to do what it takes to find what’s right for you!

We typically start our patients on the 750mg bottle or the 1000mg bottle. In the 750mg bottle 1 dropper is equal to about 25 mgs of CBD so 1 drop would be a little more than 1 mg. In the 1000mg bottle 1 dropper is about 34mg so 1 drop would be almost 2 mg.

It’s a good idea to start low and gradually increase it. Many will start off by taking 5-6 drops twice a day and then go up if needed. Any time you make an adjustment to your dose give it about a week before you decide how it’s working for you. We have some patients that have found their perfect serving size is a few drops twice a day while others take a full dropper twice a day.

Remember this is not a one size fits all product since we are all different and dealing with different issues.

The key is to not give up- keep adjusting both the dose and the frequency until you find the sweet spot. Make sure once you adjust your dose give it 5 to 7 days to see how you respond.

CBD is non-toxic and non psychoactive and you cannot overdose on it, however it’s ideal to find the lowest dose you feel good on and then increase if needed.

Also, check out the chart below to determine how many actual mg’s of CBD you’re taking!

How Much CBD Should I Take
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