CBD Oil Frequently Asked Questions


 I’ve Never Taken CBD Before, Where Do I Start?

We’re so happy that you’re ready to try CBD oil!  We usually tell people to begin with the 750 mg bottle if you are dealing with mild pain and inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

If you’re suffering with something a bit more serious or dealing with severe chronic pain, tremors, seizures etc. you would probably want to start off with the 1000 mg or even 1500 mg bottle.

Once you’ve been on it and can see what dose works best for you we generally recommend the 1500 mg bottle (now there is even a 3500mg bottle) just because you can take less drops and a bottle will last longer and save you some money!

How Do I Know How Much To Take?

The short answer is that we usually recommend people start with 15mg per day in divided doses and work up from there if you need to. So looking at the chart below, if you had a 750mg bottle you would want to take 6 drops twice a day. We go into more detail in our blog post on serving size here.


Is CBD Even Legal?

We get this question a lot and the short answer is Yes, it’s legal! The CBD oil we use is made from hemp which is grown on a federally registered farm in Kentucky.  The 2014 Farm Bill states that CBD can be extracted from hemp and processed as food. The hemp plant contains negligible amounts of THC, the cannabinoid that can make you feel high.  It’s required that CBD oil contain less than .3% THC in order to be sold legally without a prescription. Our hemp oil tests at less than this percentage and you can read the Certificates of Analysis on the CBD Biocare website.

What’s The Difference Between Full Spectrum & Isolate?

Full Spectrum CBD means the oil is extracted from the whole plant so that it contains all of the different cannabinoids.  This creates what’s called the entourage effect as the different cannabinoids enhance the medical benefits.

Isolate on the other hand means the CBD is isolated from the plant and does not contain the additional cannabinoids.  

We are proud to say that our CBD oil is Full Spectrum!

Does CBD Make You High?

CBD oil derived from hemp is naturally low in THC.  The oil must contain less than .03% in order to be legal in all 50 states.  In processing our CBD oil often tests as having even less than this in the final product.  The THC is the cannabinoid that gives you the high feeling so this tiny amount of THC is not enough to give any psychoactive effects.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Most people don’t experience any side effects but occasionally people report feeling tired, mild nausea and diarrhea.  It’s difficult to say if that is in fact from the CBD itself or if it has something to do with the carrier oil. Some companies used hemp oil, others use coconut oil as the base for the CBD oil so if you have reactions to the different oils it’s possibly a reaction to that.

By starting with a low dose and gradually increasing you can more easily monitor how your body reacts. CBD has a much better side effects profile than the medicines that most people are trying to replace. Everyone is different so if you experience any discomfort obviously discontinue and speak with your doctor if needed.

Got a question we haven’t covered? Reach out to us here!