Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

I am so excited to offer this service for my local Grayton Beach acupuncture patients and my online community! Y’all know I’m a huge fan of Functional Lab testing but honestly it can get a little expensive. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or HTMA for short is an awesome way to get a lot of health information from a simple and cheap test you can do at home.

This test is perfect for anyone with:



Brain Fog

Hormonal Imbalances




A Desire for Optimal Health

Unexplained Symptoms

All you have to do is get a test kit from me, take a hair sample and mail it in to the lab. I’ll even pay for the shipping! Once we get your results I’ll get to work on your custom protocol and we’ll set up a time to go over it either in person or online. How simple is that?!

Now for the important part…

What is HTMA?

It’s a test that measures mineral content in the hair and also looks at heavy metals. You take samples of your scalp hair and submit the first inch or so closest to the scalp. They run it through some fancy equipment and boom you’ve got some good info. Since hair is basically dead cells, its like doing a noninvasive biopsy that gives us a picture of what’s going on in your body over the past few months.

Minerals are the spark plugs in our body and are essential for a zillion different metabolic functions. Some scientist say they’re more important than vitamins because our body can’t make them like we can vitamins.

What causes the mineral imbalances?

Diet, stress, medications, pollution, genetics, and even wrong supplementation. Unfortunately in our world we’re exposed to so many things that can affect our health. But testing gives us the power to make changes! Looking at the mineral issues can also give us a little info on the need for certain vitamins because they’re synergistic.

How does this info help me?

Did you read the part above about how important minerals are?? You cannot be healthy if you have mineral imbalances. While we’re looking at the different levels of minerals, it’s the dynamic relationship of them that gives us the most important information. We look at ratios between minerals too. These ratios can give us more specific info about what’s going on in certain areas. For example, looking at the ratio of Calcium/Potassium is called the Thyroid Ratio and gives us insight into how your thyroid is functioning. The Calcium/ Magnesium ratio tells us about your blood sugar. Sodium/Magnesium shows adrenal function. There’s even a ratio of Sodium/Potassium that’s referred to as the Vitality Ratio!

Sounds too simple…

While the test itself is really simple, interpreting it can be a little difficult. It’s so important that you do this with someone who has adequate training. It’s not just about looking at what minerals are high or low. In fact some minerals that show high on a test are not actually high but are in fact unavailable to the body. It takes a trained eye to put the whole picture together and tell you what’s really needed.

For a limited time you can get your Hair Mineral Test Kit, lab fees and a custom protocol and consultation for only $249! This is a $250 discount. Purchase now to reserve your spot and your kit will mailed to you.

If you’re struggling with fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, or hormone issues I definitely recommend having this test done!