Custom Supplement Plan

Dr. April Bradley- Acupuncture Physician & Certified Functional Medicine Practitionar

Dr. April Bradley- Acupuncture Physician & Certified Functional Medicine Practitionar

Over 76% of American adults are taking dietary supplements daily. That number has increased dramatically over the past few years and will only continue to grow. Previously only found in health food stores and online, supplements are now sold in drugstores, box stores, gas stations, you see them everywhere!

Supplements are amazing (some of them) and can be super helpful for all kinds of health issues.  However, many people are taking things they don’t need or using crappy brands and all that leads to is really expensive urine! Good news though, we can help!

For 17 years Dr. Bradley has been creating custom supplement protocols for people looking to improve their health and she’s gotten pretty good at it ;)

With a targeted plan we can address all kinds of issues including: fatigue, stress & anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues & hormone imbalances.

Here's How It Works

If you’d like to have the Custom Supplement Plan created for you completely online (with no office visit) click here to be taken to the purchase page for our online office.  Once you purchase you’ll be sent the intake form to fill out at your leisure. Once you submit it back to us we’ll get to work on your Custom Plan. Your plan will be emailed to you within 3 business days along with directions for ordering supplements if you choose.  The plan will also include supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

If you’d like to set up an appointment to come into the office for your Custom Supplement Plan you can either call the office to set it up or book online here.  **You must submit your intake form 24 hours before your in office appointment.** This allows us time to go over it before you come in. The appointment will be approximately 45 minutes. You’ll receive a treatment plan with custom supplement and lifestyle recommendations.   

Our patients have access to our online supplement dispensary and get 10% off supplements purchased online. You will also receive free shipping for orders over $50.

Imagine feeling more energy, getting better sleep, having better digestion and just feeling better overall!  It’s totally possible when you take the proper supplements for your body. We look forward to helping you on your journey to ultimate health!

For only $129 you can have a Custom Supplement Plan with recommendations for Professional Grade Supplements and Lifestyle modifications targeting your specific health goals.