Have You Heard Essential Oils Can Regrow Limbs?


So you know that’s not true right?  Maybe you have been lead to believe (like I was) they're miraculous and can heal any ailment with just a few drops. 

Truth is essential oils are amazing but I was so turned off by the sleazy sales people it took me a while to see just how amazing they really are!

When I was about 21 I went to visit one of my long time mentor/healers down in South Florida.  Now just so you know, my family has been “into” natural/ alternative medicine since I was a child so over the years I have seen homeopaths, naturopaths, energy healers, craniosacral practitioners, chiros, etc.  But this particular visit was to an M.D. who turned into a completely natural holistic doctor and he was training me to use a new system he was using. As part of the training he was working with me and we were creating a new supplement/ wellness plan for me.  One of the things he recommended for me was Sandalwood essential oil. I had heard of essential oils but I had no real experience with them but I bought the oil and rubbed it on my wrists like he told me to. It was to help ground me so I felt more balanced and it did.

While I had a positive experience and would go on to sporadically use oils both on myself and my patients I never really went all in on them.

Fast forward a few years-  I had a patient who was selling oils through a network marketing company and reluctantly I signed up for an account.  Since I had experienced good results with oils in the past, I was excited to learn more, but it wasn’t long before I was completely turned off by the marketing tactics and the stories that were being told to me as testimonials.  

While the headline of this post is kind of a joke, it’s not far off from some of the crazy stories that some of the essential oil people will tell and it really does a disservice in my opinion!  I quit working with that company almost as quickly as I started and the oils sat in my cabinet until I finally threw them away after a couple of years.

After a few years I gave the oils a try again after meeting an Acupuncturist and Aromatherapist that I did some training with.  That was when I started falling in love with them. It was so refreshing to learn about the different oils and their properties and how to combine them in recipes.  I started to use them more for cleaning products and in beauty products and I was hooked. She was so knowledgeable and I felt better about using them after being more educated.

Eventually, I signed up with a different oil company and we spent about 6 months using them at home before we started using them with patients. I wanted to see if they were good quality and also to spend more time learning about the oils themselves. Turns out, they were! I loved the oils from that specific company but came to see that for many patients they were either too expensive or the person wasn’t interested in purchasing from a network marketing company. Honestly, I get it. But I still think essential oils should be in every family home and I believe there are many good and reputable companies out there.

We've had some great experiences using the oils and our family has been healthier for sure.  As someone who uses all kinds of natural remedies the oils have shown over and over again to work super quickly and are always one of the first things I reach for. We are currently loving Plant Therapy essential oils and have found them to be just as yummy smelling and effective as the other big brands!

Some of our favorite uses:

We use the immune blend on our kids daily before they head out the door to school.  They swipe it on the back of their neck and sometimes the front too. Knock on wood we have had no big illnesses besides a stuffy nose for well over a year!  No flu or strep in our house despite them having classmates who were sick. If they do start to look rundown we start using it every few hours while they are home.

The DiGiZen is another popular oil in our house and has come to the rescue several times when someone ate something that didn’t agree with them.  The kids know right where to go if their tummy feels off for any reason!

We use Lavender almost daily on bumps and boo boos and in the diffuser or on the bottoms of feet before bed.  It’s great for bug bites too (hello Florida living!)

I use oils in several of my homemade cleaners as well.  You can add some Sweet Orange oil to vinegar and water in a glass bottle and you are good to go! Or check out this awesome cleaning set!

Essential oils truly are an amazing gift from the earth and when used properly can help such a wide variety of issues.  They have been used for over 5,000 years and while they have just recently enjoyed more popularity essential oils have been used extensively in many healing practices with great success.  Ol’ Hippocrates was a fan and often recommended “perfumed” baths and massages with oils daily for good health!

There's been so much research over the years on the power of essential oils and more is being done all the time.  For anyone wanting to live a more natural or holistic life, oils are a great thing to add to your medicine cabinet.

Because I love ‘em so much and I have learned so much over the years I will be doing a lot more educating on essential oils in coming blog posts.  If you're really interested in oils and want to learn more you can sign up here to be notified when our Essential Oils 101 Class is available!

While I love the company we use, there are other great essential oil companies out there. However, there are more dishonest companies that are either not truthful about manufacturing practices or are just flat out lying about the purity of their oils.  

Please do not purchase oils from the grocery store or superstore.  You also have to be super careful about sellers on Amazon. I have personal experience purchasing something I thought was from a company and when it arrived it looked like it was in the right bottle but on further inspection and once I smelled the oil I knew it was fake.  It’s so sad that you just can’t trust that you will get what you ordered. (FYI: same goes for supplements on Amazon)

Here’s a link to the Plant Therapy page so you can see all the products they have and what good prices they are! I can talk essential oils all day so if you have any questions don’t be afraid to email me!

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