Massage On 30a in Grayton Beach

Need to relax?

- We have a high end spa setting with relaxing music
- Choose from our line of premium aromatherapy
- Enjoy our heated massage tables with amazingly soft sheets
- Indulge in hot stones or moist heat packs to soften tight muscles

Need pain relief?

- We specialize in neuromuscular, deep tissue, medical and sports massage
- Combined we have over 39 years experience in the massage field
- You will receive a customized massage that will help you achieve your specific goals

acupuncture and massage room in grayton beach fl

What techniques do you use?

We typically use some combination of the following techniques based on your goals for the session:

Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses on deeper layers of muscle and helps to release patterns of tension often responsible for chronic pain

Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Massage

Focuses on pain relief but primarily utilizes static pressure on trigger points to relieve referred pain patterns

Sports Massage

Has an emphasis on performance but techniques can vary greatly based on if it’s pre or post event


Typically used for relaxation or warming up tissue before engaging in deeper work

Heat Packs and Hot Stones

Great for helping to relax muscle tissue