Dr. April Bradley

Acupuncture Physician & Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Welcome to 30A Wellness Studio I’m so excited you found our website! I’m Dr. April Bradley and I’m obsessed with all things natural health and wellness! I love helping people reclaim their health both mentally and physically. My dream for you is that you’ll be healthy, happy and on fire to live out your life’s purpose!

As an Acupuncture Physician and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner I work with patients both in person and online. Using Acupuncture and Functional Medicine I can help you reclaim your health. It’s impossible to live the life you want if you’re struggling with wacky hormones, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, pain, insomnia, or depression.

If you want to feel heard and cared for, empowered and educated about your health you’re in the right place.

I want you to feel better when you leave a session than you did when it began, every time!

I look forward to meeting you so click below to book your appointment

- April                        

My Credentials:

  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

  • Nationally Board Certified Acupuncture Physician (FL)

  • Bachelor's degree in Natural Health, Family Relations and Child Development

  • Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine

  • Certified Nutritional Consultant

  • Certified Electrodermal Screening

  • Training in Flower Essence Therapy, Aromatherapy and Therapeutic use of Essential Oils

  • Additional training with Dr. Dan Kalish of Kalish Institute, Institute of Functional Medicine, Aviva Romm M.D, Chris Kresser, Functional Medicine University and Reed Davis


Cindy Black

Licensed Massage Therapist MA 79988

Cindy graduated from Space Coast Massage Institute, Melbourne, FL in 1994.  After which she worked in a neurological office until 1998 when she moved to Vail, CO.  She's worked at some of the top spas in the country as well as a physical therapy office.

In 2016 she traded the rocky mountains for the emerald coast.

Dee Personett

Licensed Massage Therapist MA 84978

Dee graduated from The Full Circle School of Massage, Edwards, Colorado in 2003.  She has  over 15 year of experience working with physical therapist and in some of  top 10 rated spas in the country .

 In 2016 she could no longer resist the call of the emerald waters of the gulf coast and made the move.